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3 Items to Bring on a White Water Rafting Trip


Old Tennis Shoes

Although rafting doesn’t require wearing specialty footwear, you do need to be safety-and-comfort-conscious when when outfitting your feet for the big day. Flip-flops and other loose sandals may be appealing, but keep in mind that this type of footwear may pose safety hazards in the event you go overboard. The last thing you want is for your footwear to get hung up on a rock if your raft capsizes, and you also want to wear something on your feet that won’t weight them down if you have to navigate to shore through rushing waters.

The ideal footwear for rafting is your favorite pair of old, lightweight tennis shoes. They will be molded to the shape of your feet and will offer ultimate comfort.

Sun Protection

Going on a rafting trip without taking along adequate sun protection is likely to result in a painful sunburn, which can lead to blistering and eventually may be instrumental in the advent of skin cancer. Along with a full bottle of sunscreen with an SPA of 30 or above, you should have a pair of sunglasses with UV protectorate lenses, lip balm that contains sunscreen, and even clothing that has been treated with sunscreen if you are one of those people who are extremely sensitive to sun exposure. It is also important to have strong strap for your sunglasses to ensure that they aren’t lost in the event that they fall off your face. A hat with a visor is also a good item to include among your rafting trip provisions.

A Dry Change of Clothing and Towels

Towels and a complete change of dry clothing are essential items when a white water rafting trip is on the day’s agenda. However, because space is limited on the rafts, you’ll have to leave these items in your car rather than taking them with you on the trip. Also, taking them on the trip exposes them to the probability of getting wet. Be sure to include a lightweight jacket even during the middle of summer — mountain air can get chilly during the evening. Make sure to pack underwear and socks as well as a clean, dry pair of shoes. You’ll need towels so that you can completely dry off before putting on your dry clothes after the rafting trip.

You should also pack plenty of high protein snacks and fresh drinking water on a rafting trip so that you’ll remain energized and hydrated.

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