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Bob Dylan: Why Musicians Deserve the Nobel Prize in Literature


Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Minnesota in 1941. Later he moved to New York and became Bob Dylan – an icon of song writing. For decades already, he stays as a many-sided musician, who is able to surprise again and again. He is considered to be a great American poet, a creator of new poetic expressions, and a brilliant contributor to American song tradition.


This status now is officially confirmed by the Nobel Prize Committee this year. Bob Dylan is the first musician to be awarded with the Nobel Prize for literature.

More than a hundred years this prize was a top-desired achievement in literature. Many talented authors, poets and playwrights have obtained this reward for their bodies of work.

It was a big surprise for everyone to hear the choice of Swedish Academy. For some people awarding Dylan was a simple acceptation him as a prominent American poet, who pushed the limits in song writing and changed the definition of “poetry” and “literature” in general.


For the others getting the Nobel by the artist was a questionable decision. Does a musician really deserve a prize in literature? The literary critics have never considered him as a likely contender for this award. Prose, plays and poetry of writers are the main texts to be noticed by the Academy, but not lyrics of musicians.

At the beginning of his career Bob Dylan played in coffee houses and shops. Already then he influenced the listener’s mind and heart. His lyrics reflected everything that happened in the American society – civil rights, war, politics and sexual repression.

This artist is a unique person. He makes the listener think, believe and dream only with the power of his words. He is a master of lyrics, which now are even taught at colleges as poetry.

Bob Dylan changed with the time and world, as a result, his work affected generations. His songs are works of art that obviously deserve general acceptance and a high prize.