6 Low-Cost Items Every Fishing Tackle Box Should Have

Fishing is a great way to spend the day. There is nothing better than sitting on the dock of the bay forgetting about the cares of life. The thrill of the big catch has many people heading to the shores and lakes in an epic battle of man versus nature. However, if you are a beginning angler, you may not know what all you need. Here are the essentials that ever tackle box must have.

1. Hooks

Without hooks, you won’t be able to catch a fish. You should carry a wide variety of hook sizes. Depending on the fish you are trying to catch, you will need to adjust your hook size. You can keep it as fancy or as low-key as possible. Hooks, like the eagle claw, treble, and barbless, are more expensive. You can pick up a traditional pack of hooks for a couple bucks.

2. Sinkers

Without a sinker on your line, the bait or lure would just float on top. The sinker is important to bring the bait down to the fish. Sure, you can catch a fish with bait floating on top, but your chance of a big catch increases when you go down to the depths of the water. Sinkers also come in an assortment of weights. Depending on the type of lure or bait used, you should adjust your sinker accordingly.

3. Lures

Lures will determine if you have a good day of fishing or not. You should have a wide assortment to choose from. There are jigs, spinner baits, plastics, top waters, jerk baits, and the list goes on and on. As a beginner, you don’t have to spend a ton of money getting lures. Get one specifically designed for the type of fish you want to catch. For instance, if you want to catch a catfish, you should use a spinner or spoon lure. These aggressive fish need a lure with some substance behind it.

4. Cutting Tool

You need some device to cut fishing line. The line will often get tangled, or a hook may get stuck in the mouth of a fish. You need to be able to do a bit of handiwork whenever necessary. Some keep fingernail clippers, scissors, tweezers, and pliers in their box. Whatever you have on hand will be fine. You just need to be able to break the line and re-string at a moment’s notice.

5. Bobbers

While the experienced angler will know when there is a fish on the line, those who are starting out may have some doubts. You don’t want to lose a fish due to inexperience. Thankfully, a bobber is a great way to watch your line. Bobbers are very inexpensive, and they come in all shapes and colors. There are even bobbers that light up for night time fishing. Grab a few bobbers, and throw them in the tackle box.

6. Line

Because fishing is so unpredictable, you never know when you may need to restring a pole. Keeping a good pack of fishing line in your box is essential. Chances are you won’t need it; however, it would be horrible to need it and not have any.

Fishing the waters today is a competitive sport. Whether you are fishing for competition or fun makes no difference. You must be prepared for anything that happens out on the banks. Additionally, bait and tackle stores close to fishing spots usually mark their prices higher for people who forget things. Be sure to keep these six things and more in your box. You can be ready for a fishing excursion at a moment’s notice.

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