5 Truths to Understand About the Vinyl Sign Making Process

Vinyl signs and banners are among the most common and cost effective marketing tools available to most small businesses. That is because they combine a low cost of production with extreme durability. Business owners and managers who are interested in getting some vinyl signage need to keep a few things in mind as they work through the design and purchasing process.

There Are Multiple Vinyls

While a chemist would say that vinyl refers to any chemical with the right arrangement of carbon and hydrogen atoms, most suppliers make their signage out of PVC. That having been said, some suppliers do have alternative materials, such as vinyl meshes, available for specialized roles. The thickness of the vinyl is also variable, and any good supplier will be able to help you choose the precise material that will meet your needs.

Designs Are Valuable

Producing a sign from a known design is easy, but creating that design in the first place is not. Some suppliers will retain their own designers to help you get through the process, but others will expect you to provide a finished design on your own. In that case, be sure to get help from a professional graphic artist. It takes more skill than most people realize to create an effective sign, and it’s worth paying a little bit of extra money to make sure that you get a good design.

Multiple Production Options Exist

There are several ways to produce a vinyl sign once the design has been finalized. Most suppliers use printing, either with large inkjet printers or through a traditional screen printing process. Some suppliers prefer to use a vinyl cutter to create smaller pieces which are glued to the sign itself. A few sign producers even rely on hand painting, although that method requires too much labor to see regular use. Since some signs are easier to produce through some methods than others, it’s important to take the advice of any supplier that offers to help you choose the right method.

It Is Quick

Printed signs can be produced extremely quickly. The fastest printers in the world can produce thousands of square feet every hour. While most smaller printers will need longer than that, they remain quick enough that the physical printing takes up a tiny amount of the production time. Assume that most of the project’s time will be consumed by designing and shipping the signs.

Finishing Touches Matter

Signs and banners include a lot of small pieces, such as the grommets that attach them to poles and other surfaces. They may seem like minor touches, but it’s impossible to display a banner or many signs without them. Pay close attention to any options that the supplier offers, and be sure to ask questions to make sure that you pick the right ones.

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