Dec 3, 2012

The Art of Gift Giving Day 5

This is an eight part series on taking the stress out of thoughtful gift giving. If you have missed a post click HERE to see them all. 

By now you should be well on your way to narrowing down your gifts. This week will be full of tips on making your life less stressful as you shop. Remember - Christmas is not about giving gifts BUT gifts can really make your friends happy in a way that not much else can. I know ONE person who doesn't like getting gifts and I've even seen her cry at a really thoughtful gift! 

Tip #1 Just pick a few stores and try to get all your gifts at those stores and only those stores. I end up hating christmas shopping if I have to spend all month traipsing (don't you just love that word!) through mall after mall trying to hit all of the best stores. I don't do it anymore. I go to the mall once and only once during the holiday season and it's usually with my Mom helping her shop. I actually LOVE the mall at Christmas time but not when I have a billion boxes to check off. I just want to be there to people watch and window shop. 

My three stores this year are Etsy (a million stores in one!), Anthropologie, and Sanctuary of Davidson. I also have a bag full of sway from Allume and other things I've found from around the house and my usual thrift store shopping. I also have less issues buying too much if I know that when I'm in Target - I'm not gift shopping, at least I'm not this year. I'm only looking for gifts when I'm browsing on etsy or in anthro etc. 

Tip #2 Keep Pinning! If while you are out shopping or even grocery shopping and you see the most perfect-amazing-nothing-will-ever-top gift for Mom but you've already bought all her gifts. Don't fret and don't buy it (unless you have the money and can remember to give it to her next year...I'm all for that!).  Take a picture and pin it to your secret xmas gifts board. Before Mom's birthday go check out your board again and you'll be reminded of that awesome gift and...WooHoo you are done shopping for her birthday!!

Tip #3 Keep shipping costs down. Try to order all your orders at once so that your shipping costs won't be as high. When shopping stores like etsy, try to buy as many gifts as possible from the same shop. Most etsy sellers will give you a shipping discount on the second item, sometimes it's free for the second item. So, when I find a perfect gift on etsy I always give the rest of that sellers shop a look to make sure they don't have another perfect gift. For example: remember the "I Am The Walrus" t-shirt that was the perfect gift for Dad...well they also had this shirt.

This shirt is perfect for my friend Amanda! I mean come on - yellow submarine + the Life Aquatic...awesome!!  So, if I was buying the Walrus shirt again this year I could have gotten Amanda's gift there too and saved $4 in shipping! 

Tip #4 Purchase online gifts SOON! YOu don't want to be wrapping up pictures of your gifts because they didn't get here in time. Although if that does happen wrapping up the picture is a great way to make the person feel like are still getting a gift on Christmas. I've done it and I've also opened up a picture and I think it's a great way to make up for a late gift. Anyway, buy your online gifts soon, like today or tomorrow. That way you should have plenty of time to receive them and wrap them. 

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