Dec 4, 2012

The Art of Gift Giving 6 + Tunes

This is an eight part series on taking the stress out of thoughtful gift giving. If you have missed a post click HERE to see them all. 

Some more tips today to make your gift-giving experience less stressful.

Tip #1 Once you have bought a gift, delete it off your pinterest board. You will then feel that wonderful sensation of checking something off your list. Don't ya just love that feeling. There are days that it is honestly the best feeling I feel all day. Deleting pins will also help you see what's left to buy more easily. 

Tip #2 Sign up on the email lists of the stores you have decided to shop. That way you will be alerted if  they have a sale. Some stores do just one sale which could be one day or longer. But some stores have a different section on sale everyday. Being on their email list will help you figure out which day you should shop. Last year West Elm was one of my stores and they did a different section every day so I made sure to stop by on the "kitchen" day to stock up on all the the gifts I was hoping to buy. Some stores do not advertise their sales. But, you could always befriend someone who works in the store and have them text you when it's sale day:) 

Tip #3 If you are still struggling with finding great gifts for a few folks. Check out sites like groupon and living social. They always have a plethora of deals to shop. I bought a snappish groupon for a photo book that I will make for someone on my list and I bought a groupon for threadless and got my Dad and my friend Jason both really awesome and unique t-shirts. If you have the funds to - think about purchasing a getaway groupon for a friend who lives out of town, maybe in between where the two of you live. 

Tip #4 Know your limits! I don't go to malls on black friday. I know that I would end up in the corner of a store in the fetal position. I can't take that much commotion, so I don't do it. Even though I'm sure I could get so much for so little it would make me crazy and my sanity is worth more than the money I would save. So, if you know you do not want to step foot in a mall at all this season, don't. Buy online - just buy soon!! Or if you know you don't feel comfortable shopping AND hate malls then try shopping at stores like Black Lion. I am sure there are stores like Black Lion in every city, at least I hope. 

now, enjoy some tuesday tunes:)

have you heard this amazing cover by Adele? Oh my goodness, I am obsessed...

Oh Kathleen, you always make me happy. Please never stop...

I've been falling in love all over again with this song, actually the whole record. I love when you rediscover a great record and find that even greater than you had remembered...
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  1. That Adele video is sooo good! (I.lurve.her) :) 'River' is also one of my favorites - I love Joni! :) (I've enjoyed finding other covers of it as well...I'm putting James Taylor cover of it on my Christmas playlist at the blog).