Nov 28, 2012

The Art of Gift Giving day Three

This is an eight part series on taking the stress out of thoughtful gift giving. If you have missed a post click HERE to see them all. 

Today we are going to start collecting gift ideas. This is one of my favorite parts of gift giving. You get to virtually give anything your little heart desires. Here's what I do...

#1 Set up a PRIVATE pinterest board. Yes, pinterest has finally started letting us create private  boards!! This has made my gift ideas sooooo much easier this year. If you aren't a member of pinterest already then you should go join but be prepared for hours of wasted (but enjoyed) time. Anyway, create your private "gifts" board. I call mine "xmas gifts". This is where you will keep ANY gift you think might work for the people on your list. You can pin pretty much any picture on the internet AND you can add your own photos to pinterest. So, when I'm out shopping I take pictures of good ideas and then later add them to my board. While I am online browsing I do the same thing. Just pin away. It might help you to add the dollar amount in the comment section of your pin, that way you will see the amount on your picture. If your list of people is long, consider putting the name of the person for the perspective gift in the comments so you don't forget. You also will want to add the "pin it" button on your browser. That way, no matter what site you are on you can pin the picture. Click HERE if you want to know how to add that. Here's a pic of my board (minus names because I don't want my people to know)...

click to make me bigger!

#2 Open up a few different tabs on your browser, one for etsy, one for amazon, one for pinterest, and one for your favorite store (mine is anthropologie, but it could be target or kohl's, world market, or anything). Take the first person on your list and do a search for one of the words you wrote next to their name on each website. I'm using my Dad as an example for you. Next to his name I wrote - guitars, BBQ, and The Beatles. I searched for The Beatles on each site. Here are my results...

Etsy seems to have quite a few options that are unique and in my price range. So I pinned my fav options.

Amazon has the actual music, but I know Dad probably already has most of that. He doesn't have the stereo box set, but I can't afford it. Nothing to pin from here. 

Pinterest was no help on this search unless I was planning to make a gift using awesome photos of The Beatles. But, I could probably find better ideas if I narrowed my search to "The Beatles shirt" or something like that.

Anthropologie also wasn't much help. They literally pulled up beetles. Beautifully made beetles but those aren't the kind my dad loves, plus $!

So, everything I have pinned was from etsy. That's great cause now I only have one site to shop. Now, unless you absolutely are certain you won't find a better gift, I would recommend not buying today. I would pin it and wait. That way you can see if you can find a better price or get a coupon or maybe better gift. Also, sometimes I think I have found THE perfect gift but then a week later I start thinking "why did I buy that bright yellow submarine T-shirt. Yes, it's cool. But dad will NEVER wear bright yellow!". Boo, remorse. I hate buyers remorse and I also hate returning things. I'm sure you do too, so just wait. 

This is my board full of awesome Beatles gifts...

#3 Repeat step two for each person. If a word doesn't come up with great options, try a different word. That's why there are three of them! If you try all three and still haven't come up with anything good. Well, try a word that's similar OR try google OR try thinking about a few other things they like. You also would be surprised about how much a second brain can help, ask a friend that knows them. You can ask me too. I love this stuff so feel free to ask away:)

Keep pinning away! And remember you can pin from other sites and places too. Don't feel like you have to just browse those four sites. I take pictures in stores and pin them, I note the store and the price that way I won't forget. When I'm reading blogs I might see a product that looks great but I don't have time to check it out right then, so I just pin it and go back later. 

I even pin things that I can't begin to afford. I love to send virtual gifts. I will send a friend a picture of what I would give them if I were a billionaire. It makes the person know that you were thinking about them, and that's ALWAYS a great feeling!

I pinned this picture and then sent it to Dad. He knows I couldn't afford that but loved that I thought of him. This is how I give gifts all year round. And also probably why God will never allow me to be a billionaire, who needs Beatles Chairs? Um, let's rephrase...who DOESN'T need Beatles Chairs?!

Okay, you are done for the day. Phew! I know this is tiring and by now some of you are saying "heck no, I'm not spending all that time on a christmas gift!". But if you really would like to give thoughtFULL gifts while still being ablt to pay rent, then these steps will really help you:)

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  1. Loving your series on gift-giving...and all the Pinterest info today was delightful! (I can't wait until my classes are finished, so I can dig into Christmas gift-giving myself! :) (Any chance you are up for guest-writing a Playlist post? :) Blessings to you, friend!

    1. thanks Sarah! good luck with the end of classes. I'd love to do a playlist post for you. Just let me know when. my email is reeve at reeve music dot com

  2. I set up a private board for my mom and husband to look at with gift ideas for the kids and I. So much easier than trying to explain and whisper about them with all the little ears around :-)

    1. Hey Erica! Hope you are well. What is an awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. thank you for the reminder about the private Pinterest boards!! loving your series friend!