Nov 15, 2012

Nervous Little Concerts

I had such great plans for videos of duets from me and my friends during 31 Days, but it just didn't work out. So, the other day I actually got us the courage to make a solo video. It sorta came out of nowhere. I just felt like singing this song and figured it wouldn't hurt to film it. But it just feels so strange singing to my computer. Yes, I know tons of people do it and even some have made careers out of it - but I can't help but feel silly. 

I then second guessed my decision to put it on youtube for a week. But after some encouragement from a friend, I have decided that I would keep it up AND share it with you. This is so scary for me so I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday I went over to The Nester's house to help Emily, her sister, in a video shoot they are doing for a local radio station. I went knowing that all I would have to do is sit and look interested in what Emily was saying while they filmed. It wasn't hard to look interested at all because I was! Emily is so entertaining to listen to but you also receive so much truth. I was having a great time and then somehow the conversation turned onto me:( I know I cannot be the only singer-songwriter out there who gets all red in the face when someone starts giving you compliments and then others start asking you to sing. I just can NOT be the only one, right?!

Anyway, I reluctantly agreed to sing a quick song for them and then all of a sudden I was then sitting in front of the camera while I sang...AHHH!! Making a video of ME was definitely not on my agenda for the day. But I really could use a nice quality video of one of my songs and I was already going to sing anyway, so I agreed to that as well. It wasn't my guitar and I hadn't sung at all yet that day but at least I didn't have weeks to be nervous. I just sang. I ignored the cameras. I ignored the people. I ignored the out of tune strings. I ignored my lack of a capo. I just sang. And it actually didn't turn out too bad, yay!

And that fact that The Nester's owl pillow just happened to be sitting behind me - amazing:) So here is the second nervous little video concert of my week. Enjoy!

The Nester actually posted this video yesterday on her blog with some behind the scenes photos of Emily's video and lots of info on their big sale on Saturday, which I'm hoping to be playing at:)


  1. I loved your videos! Your voice is so honest and beautiful...keep writing...keep singing...keep sharing!

    1. Thanks friend! I will...I will...I will!