Nov 19, 2012

Kitchen Mishaps

Today, I'm keeping it real. I may be able to cook some yummy, yummy food BUT I also make many, MANY mistakes! Some of these mistakes are not that bad and I can fix them or clean them up pretty quickly. Some are much more ridiculous. Like the time I thought the parmesan lid was on and gave the jar a really good shake about 5 times. Yep, FIVE TIMES! I didn't notice the parmesan flying through the air until I thought "hey, what's that in my hair?"ugh. So for all of you that struggle with kitchen mishaps, this post is for you! You are not the only one. Even folks that are "good" in the kitchen still make really silly and difficult to clean mistakes. 

Last week The Nester made THIS pasta salad for Emily's video shoot. I had tried it once before at the (in)RL conference at Tracie's house. I had forgotten how yummy it was. So, I thought I would make it for lunch. I thought I'd save money and buy the orzo from the bulk sections, so it was in a flimsy ziplock bag. And...when I went to pour it in...I just one-handed it. It went everywhere, EVERYWHERE!!! Oh and did I mention that I had started making the salad at 9pm. I thought it would be fine because it's so quick and easy AND that would be one thing less I'd have to do the next day. But, sadly the clean up of my mishap took me almost an hour.

The photo above was taken after I put the fire out. Yes, I started a fire just with pasta. But, it wasn't bad and I put it out quick enough that nothing was destroyed or injured, including me. But my little mishap caused an extra hour to a simple pasta salad. It was a rough night but the salad has made for a yummy lunch all week long. And the next day I made a pot roast AND I made no mistakes...yay!

So, if you are feeling like every time you are in the kitchen you destroy something, don't give up on yourself. Try again tomorrow and don't forget to read the recipe carefully, and possibly keep a fire extinguisher close by!
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  1. I have done the Parmesan cheese "fling" also...more times than I'd like to admit! Too funny. Glad nothing serious came from the fire. Always scary even so. Keep on cooking!

    1. Oh Karen, I am so very glad I am not the only one:) You keep cooking too!!

  2. I have done things like this in the kitchen so much more than I admit! I love the 'real life' of this post! And the salad looks seriously delish, by the way! :) (Oh, and I dropped you an email to your reeve writes address about the blog). :)

    1. Hey Sarah! I'm not sure which email you have but I don't have a reeve writes one. Try reeve at reevemusic dot com

      I'm excited:)



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