5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is not only one of the most expensive items of clothing that you will ever buy; it is the dress will live on forever in your wedding photographs. Choose wisely and you will look at your wedding photos and smile, knowing that you looked your absolute best.

1. Select a Wedding Dress that Flatters Your Shape

The perfect wedding dress flatters your shape and makes you look beautiful. A-line wedding cress flatter all body shapes, hence their popularity. Ball gown style dresses tapered at the natural waist will give the illusion of curves to a boyish figure, but the gown will overwhelm a petite bride. Petite, slim brides will find a column style wedding dress adds height. Trendy mermaid style dresses and trumpet style wedding dresses look best on curvy brides.

2. White is not Mandatory

Today’s modern bride is selecting a sleek, modern style wedding dress in all colors that are comfortable and can be worn again. White is no long mandatory; if you are not a conventional woman, there is no need to wear a conventional dress. Wearing the color that makes you feel beautiful is all that matters.

3. Love the Camera

Color matters since you will be photographed numerous times in your wedding dress, both inside and outdoors. White dresses with white lace and white beading are lovely, however, the details are lost in photographs. An off-white or ivory wedding dress appears less harsh in photographs and the details are more evident in photos. Additionally, avoid shiny materials; chose a matte color instead or the shine will be the focus of every photograph, instead of you.

4. Find A Wearable Dress

Styles that look fabulous on brides in wedding magazines are not always the most practical gowns. When you are shopping, take your wedding shoes and walk in the dress, sit down and do everything that you plan to do at your wedding. Posing in front of the mirror is not enough to decide if the dress is wearable. The perfect wedding dress is comfortable; if the dress is strapless, practice leaning over to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions occur at your wedding.

5. Don’t Start with the Dress

Finding the dress is the fun part of planning your dream wedding, but select your venue and set a firm date before shopping; both will influence the style and material of the dress that you ultimately select. For a summer wedding, select a dress made from organza, batiste or crepe to stay calm, cool and collected on your big day.