6 Tips for Smoking a Cigar Like an Aficionado


Every cigar smoker has their own level of experience. Veterans of the hobby are confident when it comes to their smoking habits and mannerisms. That might not be the case for the budding cigar smoker. No need to worry; these six tips will help aspiring cigar enthusiasts bridge that skill gap.

Know When to Ash Your Cigar
A well-built cigar can hold its ash for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tap it off from time to time. Likewise, you don’t want to constantly ash your cigar throughout your smoking session. Not only does constant ashing make you look nervous, but it shows a lack of confidence when it comes to taking care of your cigar.

Know How to Pace Your Smoke
Smoking a cigar is not a race. Smoking too fast will make your cigar’s smoke run hot. It can also alter the cigar’s flavors and aromas for the worst. Smoking too slowly can lead to the cigar going out. This is not such a big deal, but constantly relighting a cigar may also ruin its flavor.

Know How to Light It Properly
There are many ways to light a cigar. Matches are the only way according to some, but there are many jet-flame torch lighters on the market that function just as well, if not better. Learn how to properly toast the foot of you cigar to get an even light, and, subsequently, an even burn.

Know How to Hold It
As with lighting techniques, there are many ways to hold a cigar. Many feel that holding the cigar between your thumb and forefinger is the best way, but tastes may vary. Holding your cigar with confidence is the key.

Know Your Limits
Cigars come in different strengths and sizes, so it will take some experimentation to find your match. Don’t go big on your first trip to the lounge. You don’t want to be the only one in the room who has to cough after every puff.

Relax With It
Smoking a cigar is all about relaxation. There’s no need to be anxious with your cigar or your level of experience. Your being tense not only makes you look uncomfortable, but it can make your guests or host feel uncomfortable as well.

The hobby of cigar smoking comes with some challenges. The great thing is, if you want smoke like the best, all you need is the will to learn. With this advice, you’ll be that much closer to the goal.