Nov 26, 2014

What I'm Making...

These are the recipes I'm bringing to Thanksgiving tomorrow along with my sweet little buy dressed in his special halloween sweater that G-ma got him when he was still just 2 months old.

why? because my friend Mandi (who writes the blog linked above) is never wrong about desserts or really anything food related and she said this was her favorite apple pie recipe. And I've been craving apple pie.

why? because these are AH-MAZE-ING! Have you had them? If not, make them this year, I promise you won't be disappointed.

why? Because Shauna recommended it and it sounds lovely. i love champagne and I love pomegranate, can't loose.

and if there is time maybe THESE to liven up the table.

What are you making? Anything you are really excited about?

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Nov 25, 2014

Tuesday Tunes #84

So, have I told you that What Love is All About is on pandora now? Well, it is and it was super exciting for me. Why? Cause I was dying to know who they would pick to play on my station. So, I've been listening to my own station and liking and disliking like crazy and also turning the volume down on my own songs because, well, I've heard them enough. But I'm excited to let you in on my favorite songs I've heard played on the Reeve Coobs pandora station. And the fact that Gemma Hayes and Sarah Harmer are on the list...well?...that basically is THE best thing that's ever happened to me. Enjoy and Happy Tuesday!

If for some reason the spotify player doesn't work... here's the link

My thoughts on Spotify...

So, I've decided to start using spotify for my playlists. Some may wonder why? I've been pretty anti spottily in the past myself because they are definitely a huge part of the decline of the music industry. BUT, this way I know that the artists are getting at least some money when we click play. But just so you know the truth... When someone streams one of my songs on spotify I make $0.00640000, when someone streams my song on iTunes match I make $0.00260000 someone downloads one of my songs on iTunes I make $0.63700000, and when I sell an actual hardcopy CD I make anywhere from $0-$6.80 depending on how much I sell if for. 

So, what does this all mean? It means that spotify isn't the devil BUT if you like a song or an artist please consider supporting them and their art by purchasing their music, at least on iTunes. Most songs on iTunes are $0.99 - $1.29 and most of us can totally afford to do that. I mean I know people that spend $5 a week on CandyCrush! Okay, I'm off my soapbox just wanted you to know my thoughts and why I'm switching. Let me know if you have an questions.

For more of my Tuesday Tunes the amp below:)

Oh, and friends...I'm really excited for this upcoming online show. I really hope you will join me! For more info GO HERE.

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Nov 24, 2014

online Hymn Sing

Hello Beautiful Friends! I hope you will join me online on December 1st. I'm hosting my first online hymn sing. I think it's going to be really fun. The way online concerts work is that I play a concert in my home and broadcast it live - you then tune in and watch. We can all be in our pj's if we want and you can even pop some popcorn if you'd like. It's laid back and fun. Oh, and you can interact with me and each other via commenting. I really love the 'clap! clap! clap!' comments - they make me feel like I'm not just singing to myself:) These concerts are all pay what you can with a minimum of $1, pretty reasonable. I get 70% of the money that comes in and the awesome folks at Concert Window take the rest. There is also a way that you guys can leave a tip and if you leave a certain amount (changes with every show) then you will receive a special reward (also different with each show). HERE is a video from my first online concert, just you can really get an idea of what it's like.

This one will be slightly different, if you decide you want it to be - you can totally just sit back and listen. But I was thinking it would be fun for you guys to sing along - and because you are in your own home - all you folks that are shy singers, well no need to be shy! I'm finishing up lyric sheets that you will be able to print out so you can follow along. I'll post them next week!

I also am working on a really special tip reward for this concert that will only be available for this concert and probably never again. I can swear to never ever release it anywhere else, but I'm pretty sure I won't. Are you picking up what I'm putting down. Unreleased, most likely never to be officially released music...mailed to you. pretty nifty huh! 

So anyways, I hope you will join me! I'm also hoping that a special guest or two will be joining me as well. And of course an appearance by Mr. Gus Gus will most likely happen. You can go to the page now and get a ticket and then concert window will send you a reminder email. Here's all the info you need -

And please pass this post onto your friends and tell them to join you from their homes:)

oh, and one last thing... the winner of the toxic-free shampoo and hairbands is Meredith McDaniel from Milk + Honey Counseling Yay Meredith! you can find her on social media as @hazelhive

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