Apr 15, 2016


Hello Friends!

I've been pretty quiet as of late. I've actually spent the last 5 weeks in Durham, NC being slow, mindful, & kind to myself. It's been some of the best weeks of my life. But now it's time to get back into the real world. Although, my real world consists of writing songs, singing for you lovely friends, and shaking tambourines - not much to complain about there! I've got lots of exciting things coming up this year like a new record, festivals, & tours but to get things started I'm headed back home to Charlotte to play The Neighborhood Theater next Saturday Night.
The event will be raising money for a great cause and you'll also get to hear some great music from David Britt, Jason Scavone, and Me...plus more! You can read more about what we are raising money for as well as purchase tickets...HERE!

I really hope to see you there...and bring your friends!

And lastly, here are some photos from my quiet time in Durham...

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Nov 18, 2015

A Music Snob’s Guide to Christian Music

I am an admitted Music Snob. That doesn’t mean that I judge others for their taste in music nor do I think my musical taste are better than anyone else’s. They are the best to my ears and my soul. I consider myself a snob because I’ve heard sooooooo much music over the years and each time I hear something that really moves me… the bar gets higher. It’s continually getting harder and harder to impress me with a song. I’m easily impressed by vocal runs and guitar solos and amazing rhythmic creations. But lyrics and melody, the bones of the song… it takes something special to make me listen a second time. 

Sadly the place that I seem to be impressed the least is Christian Music. Soooo much of it is lacking authenticity and vulnerability. Being a Christian, in my opinion, is not all rejoicing and praise and yet I feel like that is the majority of what I hear. Jesus lived through Hell here on Earth. Don't you think that a song that spoke to that part of His life would have resonated with Him? I think Jesus would have appreciated a song about struggle in the midst of His struggle. And when He was performing miracles I think He would have loved a song about God’s miraculous power. If Christian Music is music written and performed for God then I believe that authenticity should be the most important goal.

I believe that Christian Music can, and should, be vulnerable. I personally don’t want to praise God all the time. I wish I did. But there are times that “Praise Songs” depress me. Why? Because… my relationship with God is just that… a relationship. It’s not always pretty, a lot of the times it’s plain ugly. I want to sing songs about forgiveness or mourning or anger or hurt. For the most part, when people are going through heartbreak… they don’t crank up the love jams. No, you turn as quickly as possible to the country station or start belting out “Against All Odds”. Sitting in that pain and really feeling and understanding that someone else has felt that way before is comforting. It’s healing. It helps move you forward. Seeing beauty turned from pain helps mend your heart. Life isn’t always happy and I don’t believe God is only interested in our happy praise songs. I believe He wants and yearns for us to be vulnerable with ourselves and our art.

So, my guide for Christian Music is simple…

Ask yourself these questions to find “Good Christian Music”. Really, it could be a guide for just finding Good Music, Christian or Not. 

1. Does this feel authentic?
2. Is this vulnerable?
3. Do I like this?

Here are some of my favorite authentic, vulnerable, and "sounds good to my soul" Christian Songs...

Apr 21, 2015

Harmony Maker + Instrument Shaker

Hey Friends!

  I wanted to make sure you all knew about something really cool I'm apart of... I'm honored/ecstatic/humbled/giddy/over-the-moon to be in this fantastic new band. We've been playing all over NC this past year and I just keep falling more and more in love with this music. Charlie King writes music that is haunting and beautiful and perfect. I'm not going to tell you who I think he sounds like or compare him to anyone - just listen for yourself...

Also - Charlie is such a kind soul...he has put up his entire new album on NOISE TRADE for free...but not for long...go get it now! 

In the band I sing all the harmonies as well has hitting the drums and shaking the tambourines. I've had the most fun getting to play with Charlie and I can't wait to bring this music to more cities, more ears, more hearts.

Well folks, we (well, four of us) are heading out on the road this month and next and I would love to see ya'll out at these shows...If you have friends in any of these cities, please share this with them. There is no better gift than the gift of beautiful music!!



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