The Most Common Ways to Improve Cognitive Performance


In today’s world, many people are looking for strategies that will help them improve their cognitive performance. Whether you’re attempting to accomplish this objective in order to optimize work efficacy or lead a more fulfilling personal life, it’s important to know what steps to take to realize the objective. Luckily, there are hundreds of strategies you can implement to ensure that you think with greater clarity and creativity. Below you’ll find just four of them:

1. Massage.

One of the common strategies deployed to improve cognitive performance is massage. This strategy works for numerous reasons. As explained in Psychology Today, massage causes an increase in serotonin production within the body. The end result of increased serotonin is improved memory and decreased anxiety, each of which will contribute to enhanced cognitive performance.

2. Meditation.

In addition to using massage to improve cognitive performance, be sure to consider the value of developing a meditation practice. As noted in Forbes, a recent study indicated that after just a few weeks of meditation, participants experienced an increase in their memory and focus while taking the verbal reasoning component of the GRE.

3. Reading.

As noted in Psychology Today, reading is an incredibly effective way to improve one’s cognitive performance. According to the research, reading is known to enhance connectivity within the brain while also enhancing brain function. An additional benefit of reading is that it may be linked to enhanced empathy. Specifically, researchers found that reading could improve an individual’s ability to put herself or himself in the shoes of another person.

4. Yoga.

If you’re serious about improving your cognitive performance, get serious about developing and maintaining a strong yoga practice. The term “yoga” derives from the concept of “yoking,” with specific emphasis being placed on yoking or uniting the mind and body. Yoga tends to make people more mentally active in numerous ways, including the fact that it oftentimes increases body awareness. And as noted by the American Osteopathic Association, doing yoga regularly centers attention, sharpens concentration, and creates mental clarity.

Start Improving Your Mind Right Now!

Individuals who are determined to improve their cognitive performance should know that there are a wide range of strategies they can deploy to make it happen. Four of them include massage, meditation, reading, and yoga. Start using these strategies now so you can remain on the path to optimizing your mental well-being!